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Perfectly Paleo Fall Feast: A Complete Thanksgiving Menu

The fall chill is upon us, but warm up your taste buds, because we have a Paleo fall recipe line up just in time for your Thanksgiving spread. It is sure to give you all the feels (other than anxiety) as we have gladly done the work for you, and it is good, folks (Pecan pie with bacon crust good, people. I repeat - in a wide-eyed whisper - bacon pecan pie.)

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My HIVEhealth Challenge: How Changing My Diet Brought Hope and Healing

“I dropped the baby today…”  Breathe. “He’s okay. He fell on the rug, but I broke his fall.” Silence. I willed myself to finish the story, but I could not, just as he could not answer. More silence, more breathing + nervous glances, and more shame… which in turn, equalled more pain.  

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