Purpose + Passion

Yellowdoor-10 (2).jpg

In our living room over a decade ago we gathered with a group of passionate creative individuals much wiser than ourselves to explore a vision to cultivate a space for creatives + world changers to gather. We called it the HIVE.  

Little did we know that years later we would still be on a journey to do just that - influence, encourage + awaken the creative world changer right at our door-step - one relationship, one neighbor, one chance encounter at a time.

Welcome to HIVEhome. We are not extraordinary nor much different than yourself as we believe everyone has the potential for passionate, creative, and purposed living in whatever they are created to be. Notice I did not say "do." You are more than a doer, you were created for a purpose. We hope as we live out our passion to love our neighbors as ourselves, that you are encouraged to do the same.  


Matt & Andea Beims + the HIVEhome team