My Story

Hi, I’m Andrea Beims, founder + curator of all things HIVEhome. I’m delighted you found our yellow door, so to speak. This space and our home has been a natural labor of love and enjoyment, but not without it’s trials or hardships. In fact, one of my motivations to create this space is to share all the above, not just the “presentable,” as passion + purpose is not always perfect.

That said, let me share a bit about myself. I am a mother of five, wife to one, lover of real food, and I’m not afraid of an awkward moment - or two. I home-educate, create, and dabble in maybe too many things. My favorite things are deep conversation, sharing stories, working with others who truly are or can be motivated, adventuring with family, and being inspired + challenged. I might spontaneously burst out in song here and there as well. ;) 

It has taken me years to learn how to cultivate and grow into someone I’d like to meet. I have yet to arrive, but I can say this, I am delighted to meet you, and I hope you will introduce yourself. Welcome.


Andea Beims

Founder + Curator

Yellow Door