Through The Waters: Transformative Pain

I continue to find it humbling but also spurring to tell my personal story of hope and healing from chronic pain. It is humbling in that others will listen, and spurring in that they may find courage in their own circumstances. The responses from women who relate have been heart wrenching yet amazing as we all strive for truth, revelation, and peace in the midst of our trials - our pain.  

Recently I received a note from Holl & Lane's editorial manager, Mia Sutton, and I was given the opportunity to share with their readers via their blog, which resulted in "Through the Waters: Transformative Pain.” (Read here.) It is simply some of my reflections as I look back and ponder. I feel like I will revisit this topic, but for now, this is a good start.  

Holl & Lane has created a purposeful + beautiful platform for women to share real-life impactful stories. Below you will find the beginnings, but click the link for the full post and to find this honest community of writers and readers.




"Is this the new me?" I asked, struggling to dress, with clumsy hands refusing to agree in a painful pose. Glancing toward my smiling, five-month little wonder, whom I would eventually struggle to hold, an inevitable question followed: "Will I ever be free?"  

At the time, neither I nor any hired professional could fully answer either of those questions. My future, my pain, my inability to cope, ponder, or resolve all of the above felt like an unstoppable moving tide of excruciating darkness closing in around me, as if my identity was being slowly but surely swept away. (Read more…)

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