Finding Rest

Photo Credit:  Tribe Photography

Photo Credit: Tribe Photography

Rest. I have had several seasons in life where rest might as well have been a unicorn story book fantasy running briskly in a distant untouchable oasis and, all joking aside, it near killed me. (I share a bit of my story in our previous HIVEhealth post, HIVEhealth Welcome.) Today I find myself revisiting the understanding that rest is essential, and when I speak with others, it is apparent I am not alone in the need for more of it. Rest is of the utmost importance, and may we encourage each other to become familiar with the definitions in action and consistent form. Our very purposes depend on it. We must find rest…




  1. cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.

  2. be placed or supported so as to stay in a specified position.


  1. an instance or period of relaxing or ceasing to engage in strenuous or stressful activity.

  2. break, vacation, breathing space, interval, interlude, intermission, time off/out, holiday; informal breather 

  3. an object that is used to support something.


Lately I am in need of all the above.  As a visionary I will always have dreams and worthy pursuits + tasks at hand, but I can see myself quickly reverting to the mindset that if I just do one more thing or stay up just one one more hour I can (fill in the blank).  Unfortunately, "get rest" is not one of the options I consistently insert. In other words, I am certainly in the process of finding rest just as I am imploring you to do the same, but here is what I know to be true.  We can rest, and we must. 

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We can find rest, and we must.

For what it is worth from one women to another, I give you permission to do so without guilt or judgment. My advice, though not an expert, is to choose a method which suits YOU best, because let’s be honest, the comparison game is strong.  As women, even the discipline of rest and the methods to do so can be intimidating. Whether a hot cup of tea with a good book, a quiet moment without interruption, a consistent yoga practice, a spiritual study + prayer, and/or a N-A-P is your resting forte, do so without angst or anxiety that you should be doing something other than being in that restful, gloriously sedentary place. 


I know what it is to feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I know what it is like to bare burdens so heavy it feels all will come crashing in once I surrender to a moment of selfish content.  But that is the thing, it isn’t selfish.  It is right, it is kind, and it is good for you and everything + everyone you hold dear.


From experience, in seasons... who am I kidding... moments where I have consistently rested, I can testify to it’s abundance and purpose even in its brevity. Rest is a place where I must find trust to lay down my burdens, my expectations of myself and others, my strengths, my weaknesses, my inadequacies, my fears, my joys - everything. I lay it down so that I may remember who I am AND who I am not. This realization alone, brings a joy + peace that is not magical, but true and life changing, as restful resonating truths sustain. 

This simple discipline is worthy, and here you will find a play-list provided for your encouragement and use in any or all of the above. This is our gift to you and our musical banner, in essence, to draw us into a consistent restful discipline right alongside you. We are in this together, my friends.


Therefore, let me tell you some of my personal reflections + meditations, in the midst of rest, of who I am not. I am not alone. I am not a hero. I am not a savior. I am not made of infinite strength. I am not able to fill all needs (my own or the needs of others), and I am not perfect.

In contrast, I am surrounded by others who feel like me. Whether I know it or not, they are there. I am one person, and I may take one day at time. I may be powerless to save the world, but I am a vessel of hope. I am weak, and in this surrender, I may find a path to strength. I am in need, and that’s okay. I am imperfect and broken, but broken vessels shine more light.  

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I finish these meditations and rest in One greater than my dreams + visions for a better future as He is my future. I may rest in His very presence here and now. I am His. He is all I can not be, and more than I am. This is where I find my rest.

This is where I find my rest.



Further Restful resources:

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Photos + Yoga Playlist by HIVEhome team-member, Jessica Collins of Jessica Collins Photography.