When Life is Sweet: A Valentine’s Day Celebration

Sweet gatherings with little hands + hearts on an occasion set aside for focusing on the love of one another is something I can assuredly appreciate. In fact, I love it, because life is sweet and those we love are worth celebrating - on more than one occasion.

I won’t lie, however, Valentine’s and I have a bit of a past, and I may have a yearly soapbox pertaining to the topic. My children have the pleasure of listening, and I have the matriarchal release of the traditional rant. It’s great; I’m sure they will never bring this up to their future spouses. Never.  

Little hands + Little hearts.

With this thought in mind, their future spouses should thank me for anchoring their hearts and minds on the true meaning of love rather than (uh oh, here it comes…) consumeristic hoopla + unrealistic expectation. Love is an action that shouldn’t hinge on a single day! (Know this is a shortened version. You are welcome.) 

That said, I am not a terrible person (cue the music.) Seriously, I love love.  In fact, I love love so much, I tolerated, I mean... incorporated, hearts into our recent crafty Valentine celebration. Our sweet event included all the paper hearts, darling little people, water color pencils + Do A Dot Art! Markers for less mess and more sanity, paper & envelopes leftover from previous events (win!), and our HIVEhome Valentine “Will you be my honey?” printable.


Every year we enjoy making something special to give friends + loved ones, and this printable, designed in collaboration with my lovely friend, Jess, is one of my favorites in it’s simple + natural nod to how sweet life and love truly is in pure form. Might I add how happy it makes me that a little impromptu creativity, resources we had on hand, and gluten free boxed chocolate cupcakes made this party come together without one trip down one glittery aisle. (Thank you Amazon! Links provided.) 

Too often I have the personal expectation that each event must be overtly designed, and in truth, I enjoy that creative process when our rhythm allows. But more often than not, I find imagining something special with what I have allows my creativity to flourish while giving room to grow in being present over perfect - a concept that is most loving to all involved. 

This little event and ones like it are precious reminders that LOVE is real and worth celebrating in big and small ways. In fact, it is so real, that some (we won’t mention names) become so impassioned by it’s realities that soapboxes, podiums, and speeches are made just for the purpose of rendering it’s true meaning beyond pastel hearts and sugary splendor. However, it is imperative it does not stop there.

LOVE is real and worth celebrating in big and small ways.

LOVE is sacrifice.  LOVE is patient. LOVE is beautiful, inconvenient, uncomfortable, and unbelievably frustrating at times, yet LOVE isn’t easily angered. (Let’s pause here for a moment.  Breathe.) LOVE is kind.  LOVE is deeper than our dreams + desires could ever imagine.  LOVE is more than sweet.  LOVE endures.  LOVE sees, hears, and knows the broken hearted.  LOVE is enough, but not without action.  LOVE - NEVER - FAILS.  This we can celebrate.


With love, From our hive to yours,



Little hand + happy hearts. The usual crafty items (Amazon links provided) - card-stock, scissors, we also loved this colorful hexagon washi tape, or twine + the not so usual crafty items honey sticks, honey lollipops, and/or honey stir sticks. Last but not least, our FREE HIVEhome Valentine printable provided here.

further resources:

Looking for another way to actionably love your neighbor? Here is an opportunity to partner with We Welcome Refugees in sending Valentines to immigrants around the country.


Simple Mills gluten free-paleo friendly chocolate cupcakes; Amazon.



Photos + “WILL YOU BE MY HONEY?" Assorted Valentines by HIVEhome team-member, Jessica Collins of Jessica Collins Photography.



BeimsHIVE, HaneyHIVE, + little LUSTER lovies


2 Free Valentine Printables
FREE Valentine Printables
Modern+Minimalistic Valentine
FREE Valentine Download

LOVE - NEVER - FAILS.  This we can celebrate.