HIVEhealth Challenge FAQ's

How do I choose between Paleo and Whole30?

To help you decide let's highlight the similarities and differences.  

Both are absolutely beneficial and good options for a diet change transition. You will be choosing to abstain from whole grains and processed food + sugars, legumes, lentils, peanuts, dairy, and alcohol. Whole 30 is permissive of white potatoes and paleo recommends choosing sweet potatoes rather for the reasons you will find here. Paleo is also friends with natural sweeteners such as pure maple syrup, honey, and coconut sugar. The basic difference in the two has to do with the natural sugar paleo allows and a few fundamentals. Do you homework here and here, and we recommend you evaluate your commitment and goals to finish your decision making process. If you need more help, the option of upgrading to a coaching call is always available.


What if I want to do something different other than Paleo or Whole30?

We are open to helping you in whatever way we can. Kick sugar first, kick gluten, choose ketogenic, whatever you desire! While our Facebook Level 1 program is diverse in education; it is geared towards the paleo and Whole30 approach, but we can speak to your needs in comments when you have future question on a topic that may not be fully addressed due to your variation. We recommend, however, choosing the LEVEL 2 or 3 option to truly customize your experience so that we may literally speak to where you are!


How do I or why am I not receiving Facebook notifications for the challenge?

If you are not receiving all of the notifications for the Facebook group, it may be because your notifications are set to only give you the “highlights.” You will need to make sure to change your default settings to receive “All Notifications.” 



What is voxer, and how do I use it?

Voxer® is a next generation push-to-talk app differing from a standard walkie-talkie by providing live voice that simultaneously records, delivers over any data network, and stores in the cloud. You can send instant audio, text, photo and location messages to one friend or, a group. Messages are streamed live as you are talking and others can either join you (live) or listen to the messages later. 

We use Voxer and a means of group communication throughout the challenge, lead by a HIVEhealth team leader. This is a great way for you to receive that extra coaching, community, and accountability, not only from your team leaders, but from other members of the challenge. You can download the app here.


I can’t find my printable resources?

No worries! We’ve got you covered. You can download them here and you can also find them under “files” on our HIVEhealth Challenge Members Facebook page.


What are some good resources for research and recipes other than HIVEhealth?

We are glad you asked, because the more you research and discover the stronger your foundation will grow.  

We love the blogging community and have found several stories particularly compelling and helpful as well as their recipe content.

And don't forget to follow all of the above on Instagram for continued recipe inspiration as well as relatable content and community!