Girls Growth Groups

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What is a Girls Growth Group?

A Girl's Growth Group is a monthly meet-up established for diverse young ladies ages 13-18 for the purpose of learning about and studying their potential to "Grow where they are planted." This is what we call a HIVEhope Initiative established by HIVEhome to give-back to our community in a relevant meaningful way, hopefully affecting this current generation and generations to come by simply loving our neighbor.

The community we are involved in right now is in need of mentorship for young women. Therefore, we started our Girls Growth Group with the goal of sharing our themed message of growth, but also introducing them to 'Women of Influence.'

Who is a Woman of Influence you might ask?

We believe that all women have the ability to be a women of influence by sharing their story encouragement and service via their words, gifts, talents, and/or business.

How can you help?

We have more than one opportunity for you to help us achieve our mission in sharing the message of GROWTH to these young ladies by applying to be a Woman of Influence in one (or more!) ways as a Mentor, Individual, Presenter, Vendor, and/or Hospitality Volunteer.

Descriptions are below and our pre-application link here...

- Mentor: This is our greatest need. Our young women need women like you who will commit to our monthly meetings and other minimal but meaningful mentor requirements.

- Individual Volunteer: Women from 19+ are invited to serve at our events by setting up, tearing down, and/or leading a table of discussion. Our needs vary, but if you are an all hands on deck kind of gal who isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty, this may be the opportunity for you.

- Presentation Volunteer: This is an opportunity for you to give hope by sharing your authentic story and example of when you learned to grow in the midst of adversity. Your story has purpose, and we would love to help you share by giving you a question and answer format to help you prepare.

- Vendor Volunteer: Vendors/Makers/Large and small businesses, we need you! We are always in need of refreshments and swag, but also women willing to share their professional progress and purpose with an activity and/or presentation. *While it is ideal for a vendor to share the desire to present, it is not required. Also, we will be share to share and laud your gift to us on all our social media accounts via HIVEhome and the HONEYS.

- Hospitality Volunteer: Do you enjoy making party favors, setting up displays, and/or creating delicious food for an event? Or maybe you and a group would like to share in the fun of preparing goodies for a monthly meeting or more?