"My Tribe" Embroidery Necklace

"My Tribe" Embroidery Necklace

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***Prototype/samples: These may or may not have the same fasteners as pictured.***

Exclusive to HIVEhome Market, this necklace pays respect to the glory of having and belonging to a tribe.  Whether it be family, friends, co-workers, or at times your own tenacious spirit coupled with the wind, everyone needs a tribe.  If you want to wear your tribe, let this necklace do the talking. If you do not have one, join ours. #HIVEtribe

"I like to think of the white with yellow as the feeling of hope when the sun bursts through the clouds, the grey as the solidarity and reality of many days, and the blue as the support of all the above - passions, joys, experiences, and drive to hold on to that which is worth holding onto.  I know, I know, it's just a necklace, but it speaks of my tribe.  I hope it speaks of yours."   - Andea

PRE-ORDER PRICE $39.00*, ships in 3-4 weeks from order date.

Materials: Bamboo, embroidery thread, leather
Colors: White, yellow, grey, red, assorted blues

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