Coffee Grapefruit Scrub

Coffee Grapefruit Scrub

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Moon Rivers Naturals-

*** 16 ounce scrubs are available for LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY ***

Caffeine to fuel your day has a whole new face - pun intended.  Coffee grounds are proven to help tighten skin and fight cellulite. So go ahead, take your morning coffee ritual one step further for healthier, tighter skin.

 "I die. I get to start my morning with coffee again! After abstaining from coffee for years, except on extreme occasions, this scrub is pure gold to me. The subtle citrus accent is perfection. Tip: Keep a little scrub brush in your bath for a quick clean up after this new cup o' joe.  Enjoy"  - Andea

NOTE: MRN is preservative free. Therefore, keep water out of the container for longer lasting luxurious healthy product.

Ingredients: Cane Sugar*, Coconut Oil*, Olive Oil*, Non-GMO Safflower Oil, Almond Oil, Vegetable Glycerin*, Coffee (Porch Culture Coffee),Grapefruit EO, Non-GMO Vitamin E

*Organic, vegan

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