Cedarwood Beard Balm

Cedarwood Beard Balm


Moon Rivers Naturals-

Created for men with manlier beards than most, this balm helps tame the wild in a good way. Made with an organic oil blend of non-GMO Vitamin E, lanolin, and cedarwood essential oil, it is a perfect blend for the most ferocious of manly face-manes. You are welcome, wild man.

2 oz 

"I don't have a beard, but I know many that could benefit from taming the wild a bit. Can I get an 'Amen,' ladies & gents?!"  - Andea

Ingredients: Coconut Oil*, Safflower Oil (Non-GMO), Shea Butter*, Rose Hip Seed Oil*, Pure Lanolin, Beeswax, Cedarwood EO, Vitamin-E (Non-GMO)


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