Meet The HIVEmakers


Gaston Made

Alex + Emily. They have last names, but truly, getting a word between them just would not seem right! 

Not to say they are long winded - quite the opposite. They say just enough - similar to their design - not too much, not too little but as the saying goes, just right.

In other words, this Dallas based duo is in good form. Emily is elegant, even in overalls, and has a deep quality in her gaze, which is interesting because I would say the same of Alex - minus the elegance - a match made. Yes, they are an item, and soon to be married, which makes them all the more yummy. 

They had me at coasters. Coasters. How does one swoon at coasters? Apparently,  I wasn't the only one as that is how they got their start. One coaster at a time. (Check the shop, and you will see why.) It speaks to their approachable and lively modern product line, but there is more to them than clean lines and function I assure you. There are good things ahead for these two.


Moon Rivers Naturals

My friends, when I found MRN, I felt like I had hit gold. I first gawked at their branding - stunning - and literally repeated over and over, "Please be legit. Please be legit. Please be legit" as I turned over to the ingredients and squealed like a hippie in March. They. Are. Legit.  

I practically hugged the bottle of body scrub as I cornered Stephanie and gushed. I am pretty positive we became best friends and they are naming their next child after me. I may be reading into things, but surely the feeling is mutual. ;)

In all seriousness, Stephanie & Stephen have created a brand named after their adorable son and homestead that is not only beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but beautiful and pleasing to the body + soul. Their instincts and aesthetics are catching the attention of many name brand retailers as we speak, and they just give a cool nod as they keep-on-keepin-on.  

If you are ever in Tyler, Texas you must visit their stunning organic studio and see their skills in action. It is a lively little place with aromas of essential oils and happiness. You will be welcomed, and you may not want to leave and even ask if you can work there.  It's that alluring. Tell them I sent you, and breathe it all in.

Noshii -463.jpg


Nosh as in 'devour', sheen, 'sweet'.  In essence, sweet to taste.  Meet Nosheen Iqbal.  She was born to help us develop an aesthetic sweet tooth, as I have yet to see her work without wanting more.

Leaving her successful position in a name-brand retail design company to pursue a personal creative journey and stay at home with her two lovely daughters, she and her art have been subject to change in a good way.

Her work is not only beautiful and unique but tells a story. Whether it be a color story, collaborative journey, or playful expression, it is a story none the less. When I see her work I feel I have a poet on my wall - her poetry in threads and lines - and she speaks to me in color. It is intricate, purposed, meaningful - a modern expression, yet cultured. Art. 

And though I envision her in museums one day, what I love about her work is that she has something for everyone from vastly intricate to whimsically simple. You will not be disappointed as you take the time to get to know her and her embroidered poetry. Honestly,  I have a feeling we need to eat her up while we can.


second chance custom

This guy and I go back - like way, way back. Think pig-tails and holes-in-the-knees first grade kind of way back. My first memory of him includes a shy smile, freckles, and denim that was too short for his lanky legs.

He makes me think of home, and growing up in a small town. But just as Dumas, Texas has evolved, changed, and grown, so has he.

He lives in Austin now and is not so quiet anymore, but he still wears cut-offs. He is a thinker, and I love knowing his craftsmanship speaks through him, of him. With his craft, he is living out what he feels and believes, and there's so much to respect and admire in that. He would say I give him too much credit, but I reserve the right to some poetic notions.

It's a pleasure to get to rediscover someone from your past, especially when it is a bit of a surprise. I should have known by his quiet disposition that he was an artist in hiding, but I did not. Truth be known, I don't think he did either. In some ways, I am meeting him for the first time. So, without further nostalgic adieu, meet Elijah Godfrey, a true-blue, bearded, opinionated soul with a story and with a past - much like the wood he rescues.