Honeys In The HIVE




Andea is the creator of HIVEhome + curator of HIVEhome Market and the visionary queen of the hive. She is an entrepreneur and homeschooling mama to five baby bees. (Yep. FIVE.) She is a lover of modern design, clean lines, and all things healthful. (I promise it’s a word. It means full of health.) She is a true foodie, so when she’s not busy leading the HIVE you’d probably find her in the kitchen making all the food… or eating all food. 

Andea is passionate about loving the marginalized and giving voice to voiceless. This is why you will find that everything we do here in the HIVE is to that end. 



This is Matt. He’s the other half of team Beims and a Jack (truly, a master) of all trades, including the side hustle, as a fellow entrepreneur.  He’s also our numbers guy. Someone has to do it, and the rest of us are glad it’s his job and not ours. When he’s not doing all the smart stuff during his day job, he’s fixing all the things in the HIVE, tickling the ivories, and eating all the burgers. #alltheburgers



Meet Jessica Coffee Collins. (Just kidding. Her middle name is Lee, but it should be “Coffee,” because… you guessed it… she loves coffee.) Jess is a brilliant photographer and our creative guru. It’s her job to make everything we do look extra gorgeous. Her others loves are minimalism, travel, tacos, and telling the stories that truly matter. You can find her at jessicacollins.photography doing just that.


Andrea Haney- Organizational DIRECTOR

Andrea is our “doer of the things.” Her humor and wit are matched only by her abilities to keep the HIVE humming. She is a homeschooling mom to three kiddos and is proudly our only non-Texas native; a Hoosier, whatever that is. Her favorite things include, warm beverages, cozy blankets, quiet + tidy spaces, and delicious food. (There seems to be a theme developing.) Oh, and get this! Her middle name is Lee too AND she likes coffee too! (I mean seriously, what are the odds?)


Carlotta Luster- networking assistant

Carlotta is our resident thug mama who is an expert in connecting all the peeps. Seriously, she knows everyone and she’s a networking madwoman. She has two adorable little boys who keep her hopping. (Hip-hopping, that is.) Possibly the only thing she enjoys more than "phat beats" is… can you guess? Food. (Surprise! We’re all foodies.) Far beyond that, she is deeply passionate about our HIVEhope initiatives and dedicated to helping other people in any way she is equipped.