You have 3 Hope-filled options to choose from: 

1. GIve ONE


Give a HIVEhope Holiday Box to be presented to a HIVEhope Initiative recipient at our next December meeting. By gifting a HIVEhope Holiday box, you are letting these young ladies know they are not alone!

2. Buy One + Give One


Have a special someone on your list that you know would love a HIVEhope gift box of their own but also want to give toward HIVEhope?! Via this gift option, you can do both! Purchase a gift box to be mailed + received by your special someone while also donating a gift box to one of our HIVEhope Initiative recipients! Two gifts + wins in ONE.

3.Give A Specified Amount


Give a gift of any amount toward HIVEhope specified for Holiday Gift Boxes. Any overage will be put toward our HIVEhope Initiative funds to further our reach and/or sponsor our meetings + activities and curriculum. 


Give + Share of your time or services

Do you have a business or service that you would like to donate, or would you simply like to know more of how YOU can be a part of future HIVEhope Initiatives? Please opt in here + SHARE this page with others to spread this initiative. 

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